Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miri - beach

A lot of people still do not realize the beauty of Miri, my hometown.
I do always want to share with my friends out there how relaxing and beautiful this city. I admit it is not as great as I try to describe, I do hope this piece of land, can really become a truly resort city which it was declared in 2005.
Miri is situated at north part of Sarawak, also known as the northern gate of Sarawak. She sits next to a small Nation, Brunei Darussalam.
What is the place famous about? Tourism, but all of the tourist spots are away from the city.
Then what do we have in the city?
I was away from Miri, from year 2005 to 2011. Each time, when I came back for vacation, the beach area is the place that I will always want to come at least once before I left Miri.

I would always want to tell that we have beautiful sunset. I can say, by seeing so many sun settling moment at different places, sunset in Miri isn’t that bad at all.

A few photos here, these ain’t the best. By times, I do hope I snap and share if they are people dropping by this blog…..



          Marina Bay, a man made land, constructed in year 2000. But, due to tsunami in 2005, public are afraid to buy any property at the beach.

Here, there is a port for all the sailing boat. Usually it is not opened for the public unless of special event carry up here. Previously, there is a restaurant, but closed down due to poor business.



people still come here during the weekend enjoy the nice view here.. and the wind



This is Seri Sarawak at the port. Checked in Google, she is once a very glamour transport sails the Sarawak Governor around the states. It seems like an abandoned rusted ship at Marina Bay.

At the other side of the coast, is another beach, but its under construction for another tourist spot in future.
Taman Selera, a beach with children playground, where most of the Mirian has our childhood memories here.
And this is the sun set that we have..






it is beautiful... 

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