Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miri - beach

A lot of people still do not realize the beauty of Miri, my hometown.
I do always want to share with my friends out there how relaxing and beautiful this city. I admit it is not as great as I try to describe, I do hope this piece of land, can really become a truly resort city which it was declared in 2005.
Miri is situated at north part of Sarawak, also known as the northern gate of Sarawak. She sits next to a small Nation, Brunei Darussalam.
What is the place famous about? Tourism, but all of the tourist spots are away from the city.
Then what do we have in the city?
I was away from Miri, from year 2005 to 2011. Each time, when I came back for vacation, the beach area is the place that I will always want to come at least once before I left Miri.

I would always want to tell that we have beautiful sunset. I can say, by seeing so many sun settling moment at different places, sunset in Miri isn’t that bad at all.

A few photos here, these ain’t the best. By times, I do hope I snap and share if they are people dropping by this blog…..



          Marina Bay, a man made land, constructed in year 2000. But, due to tsunami in 2005, public are afraid to buy any property at the beach.

Here, there is a port for all the sailing boat. Usually it is not opened for the public unless of special event carry up here. Previously, there is a restaurant, but closed down due to poor business.



people still come here during the weekend enjoy the nice view here.. and the wind



This is Seri Sarawak at the port. Checked in Google, she is once a very glamour transport sails the Sarawak Governor around the states. It seems like an abandoned rusted ship at Marina Bay.

At the other side of the coast, is another beach, but its under construction for another tourist spot in future.
Taman Selera, a beach with children playground, where most of the Mirian has our childhood memories here.
And this is the sun set that we have..






it is beautiful... 


It has been at least a year since I last dropped a few words on her. My eyes still open up looking around.
Miri has changed so much. My life as well, to a better one?

             I am now a training houseman in Miri General Hospital, learning to treat human in proper, applying my medical school knowledge to keep my patient alive. Of course, life is that fragile that it comes and goes, just like a passerby.

             YET, I am still carrying my D90 taking photos to share and also to keep my life healthier. Try to entertain myself beside working and sleep.

In hospital, I am being constructed by specialist to be fit as a medical officer to take care of the public.




Whereby, at times, I am still be sitting alone, relaxing….


Wednesday, September 29, 2010




















Thursday, September 9, 2010

scary movie

It’s either I have been watching too many movies, or my own imagination; I have my own “SCARY MOVIE” last night, a combination of few movies in my dream.

It starts with some chaos, where a friend of mine in my college comes and tell me, we were been arrange on a flight to escape from a tsunami. Without hesitancy, I packed up with some clothes, my camera, laptop and left the hostel.

Once reaching the airport, I saw a plane, Boeing Model 307 Stratoliner, a 40s Boeing carrier, some fighting carrier which is used during World War 2 by US army to drop the two nuclear bomb on Japan.

Story continues,

We were going to be sent to a secret base where there is another carrier for us. At that moment, I started worrying of my family back in my hometown. I try to call back, even though news was telling the tsunami had flooded over the north part of peninsular Malaysia, which might have destroyed the telecommunication system.

Vincent was so worried, afraid that the tsunami has destroyed his hometown. There are so many things which I wish to tell my family. At least a sentence of “I love you” before the end of the world.

Fortunately, the call can be getting through, and mum picks up the phone. I was told that, they were on the highest building in Miri. The tsunami has flooded over the fifth floor and water level is still inclining.

What mum and dad tell me is be a good doctor and save more life. And we hang up

The flight landed and in front of us is a big huge ship, THE TITANIC. We are escaping on a titanic.

The first wave comes and hit us. The scene is like those we saw in the movie “2012”. We can see the tsunami destroyed lots of houses and buildings. And, …. Mummy calls back and tell me the water level is going to reach their floor.

And, mum advice me must take care, with love.

And, I’m awake……

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


when we look on some photos, we can feel the feeling when the picture was taken
if you still don't understand. magnified the photos.
every single point is telling you, the feeling behind the work.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

salt, sugar and petro

During our schooling time, we are infused with something call Vision 2020, a vision by our beloved 4th prime minister. Since there, we all got our subsidization, in almost everything important things appear in Malaysian daily life.
We are been subsidized in salt, sugar . So, in the end, Malaysian is in high risk of hypertension and diabetes melitus. now, government cut down salt and sugar subsidize.
Malaysia is an Islamic country. I am very agreeing with this statement. Cause we are like other Islamic country. We export petroleum, and we are been subsidized in petroleum. So, due to the cheap petroleum, we could used more and drive fast on the road. The best petroleum user team we have in Malaysia, the Mat Rempit. Even Valentino Rossi is telling," ii.. saw manny drivor drive fast on the road!" We are too fast until V. Rossi asked us to drive slow, cause he is afraid that one day, a Malaysian will come out and take over his champion in Motorbike Grand pix.

We are been subsidized in education and health. So, we produce many scholars and sent them to Singapore as gift to strengthen the diplomatic relationship between the two country. When this Malaysia born Singaporean fall sick, all of them come back Malaysia to seek for treatment, cause the treatment fee is only 1 Ringgit. Very cheap, know.

We like the number one. We have all things start with one. One Malaysia, One Malaysia Clinics, One Malaysia mutual fund, and even One Utama. We really Utamakan(stress on) ONE.

So, now the government is facing a problem. High budget and debt which leads to bankruptcy. Recent statement from the Prime Minister Office, if Malaysia is continuing having debt, by the time in year 2019, the debt will rise by 900% and the government will face bankruptcy.
What??!! gonna bankrupt in year 2019 when we are a develop country in 2020? cool....
What i think is, our current government is thinking too much and too far. They are so confident that they will still rule the country until year 2019, which no one can predict. Unless they have the skill to make sure that they are always the ruling government. I am very happy if they mind to tell the public how they do it.
Now, they try to cut down the subsidize. Reason? to save the national savings. (or theirs?)

Malaysian A ask government," would you mind to cut down the tax as well?
cause there is no changes in salary."
Government," i wish to actually, we are very considering of our own people.
Not only the tax, the toll fee, the car tax etc.
we are very opened minded and considerate government.
but... but.. ermm.... we really need your support financially."
Malaysian A," but we have petronas, earning a lot."
government," those money we need to give to pirates in Africa region to protect shipping."
does the statement sounds a bit hopeless to all the Malaysian? Life is gotta getting worse and worse. A lot of people is saying Malaysian government is going to be like Iceland or Greece if we do not manage ourselves properly.
where are all the money? if compare to the products built in the nation, it doesn't match compare to the amount the nation earned and the money spent according to the plan.

no one is against the termination or reduction of the subsidize, but can i ask you back, our government,
what can you do, in rebate for us? are you sure you can do better with this?

Sunday, June 20, 2010


i celebrate father's day over my eldest aunty's place in Johor Bahru.
that is a happy family with a lot of laughters. Quite enjoying watching they all crapping around, though i was sitting quietly beside.

lili's elder daughter

the fathers

a very humor father i met. lol

quite missing my own family. but air ticket is very expensive..